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Morning Prayers Saved My Life | Why moms need early morning devotion time...

Mornings must be hardest time of the day in the life of a mom! I am recalling what my mornings look like even as I am writing this.


"Babe have you seen my car keys" - Hubby

"Where's the key to the front door?" - Hubby

"Remind me to call that person and that person today" - Hubby

"Mama Lethabo's biting me" - Rethabile

"No, no, no, nooooo" - Lethabo

"I want spiderman" - Lethabo

"Mama Kati's making me sad" - Rethabile 

"Mama we are out of wet wipes" - Nanny

"Dear Mrs Hlapo, Please remember to bring Rethabile with the mid-term box of tissues" - Play school

"Hi, in future, please try to bring her 30 mins earlier for mind prep before learning starts" - Play school


The list goes on. I found myself asking myself and God, how can I better prepare for such mornings?!! This obviously can't carry on like this! I find myself shouting at people, angry, and disappointed at myself even before my day starts, before the demands of my work and career kick in!


I started connecting the peace I feel in the evenings when I stay up late, read a book or devotional and do my prayers and how peacefully that makes me sleep, to the frustration of my mornings, it was the complete opposite and I found myself wishing that my mornings were the same as the evenings!


At the begging of this year, I re-committed to early mornings, this is something I have tried before and failed dismally. I have tried to wake up before everyone and anticipate their usual cries and prepare for them but that didn't work because most of the time these cries are surprises to them and me. 


This time I started setting time apart in the morning and devoted that time to what I call alignment! Spiritual alignment. To align with what I want my day to be like. To be silent and and direct my mind and thoughts in that direction.  To speak words and prayers of what I want to feel and experience even when the normal chaos begins. What we deposit into the day and mind in those first few minutes of waking up can be the difference between us running the day and the day running us.


I know that this may seem impossible when you look at the amount of activities that fill your mornings, I mean you are already waking up way earlier than you would like, but this is an investment as little as 45 minutes and it has the potential to change your world and how you relate to your family. I encourage you to try it out and be deliberate about depositing into your day the energy you want out of it, be pro-active daily instead of reactive, it will change your life, it sure has changed mine.


Till next time...

Mommying In The City! 








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