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Happy Mother's Day | A tribute to All moms, alive and in heaven!



Happy Mother's day to all of you lovely mommies!!! Most of us have very fond stories of how our mothers have been strong pillars for us. And we celebrate our heroins with  the strongest praise we can give. I myself am a mother, but am still a baby to my mom, fragile and always in need of her love. Oprah once said, "I believe the choice to become a mother, is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is" and I concur. Mom, Thank You for all that you are! Words can never describe how important you are and how much we love & appreciate you!


I feel a strong nudge in my spirit today to salute not only the moms with us today, but to salute our heroins in heaven, some never got to hold their children and some were just gone too soon. I feel very unqualified to pay this tribute because I still have my own mother in this world, but my soul urges me to use my words to honor the moms no longer physically with us but always with us in Spirit. Perhaps this stems from the loss of my maternal grand mother last year in October, I felt her departure in my very being and even as I write this, I can still feel  that strong  heavy lump in my heart! She, as many of the mothers no longer with us, are forever symbols of human wonders, in love, strength, humility and resilience! 


To the mothers in Heaven, we salute you, we would have never been without you!! Your life, your blood and your breath still lives through us. Our memories will always keep your light burning, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten, for how can one forget themselves? that would be a greater loss than that of your physicality. We love you and your remain our Heroins infinitely!!! May your souls continue to rest in Power! 


This video below is a compilation of heart warming messages to moms. It was compiled by The Rockefeller foundation

to raise awareness and to fight against Maternal Mortality. Please view the video and be touched! 


Till next time,

Mommy-ing In The City!

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