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The Truth About Side Hustles | Side Hustles Are Costly!!

March 12, 2019


The reality of most families in South Africa right now is that we find ourselves with a need to supplement the income we receive from our full time employment in order to afford a comfortable lifestyle. We have to think about ways of diversifying our income streams. The latter is actually a better scenario when you think about the families that have to survive with no income at all. So, you find that thinking about ways of wealth generation has become a popular topic in our homes and something that needs to occupy our minds on a regular. So, many will think about going the entrepreneurship route either on a full time or part time basis.


 With that said, there is something we need to be cognizant of, the truth is, anyone can decide to start a business, particularly a "side hustle" i.e. a business over and above the work you do for your employer. But, there's a big but here...and that is, not all of us will see our businesses to fruition! That's a very harsh truth, our stats tell this tale so well. One might wonder why that is? Is it that others are more talented than others? Are the they more blessed than others? Are their jobs or family lives maybe less demanding? or is it sheer luck? Did they get funded or better funding? Mhmmm! My answer is, not necessarily! 


You see there is a preparedness that is required for the demand that comes with starting any business. A large part of it is mental. You see, in business even the people that have all their ducks in a neat row will experience challenges. You can tick all the boxes and something will still go wrong and if you are not mentally fit and I mean really fit, you will find yourself thinking that it was not meant to be! Many of us prepare the paper business plan and organize financial and material resources at the neglect of the mind resources required but truth is, you need to have the heart for the heat! 


Every dream has it's price, from the smallest to the biggest, that is the PROCESS and it cannot be wished or even prayed away!! You have to go through it! Particularly when it comes to starting a business while you are still employed and there are also demands of family to top that off. That is a stretch! It is Hard? Yes, but is it possible? OH YES IT IS! 


There is a hefty price to pay for that, prepare to be broke, prepare to be ridiculed, prepare to feel like a bad mom, prepare to feel like you are losing your mind, prepare to be challenged in your marriage even! Thing is, this journey puts such a demand on everything pertaining to you as a person, even your character, it will question a lot of those things you believed you were before embarking on it. 


I personally believe in looking deeply into your WHY. Your reasons for doing what you do and they better be strong. For me, apart from being scared of poverty because I have known it and I know it's not cute at all, my WHY is my children, there are things that I would rather die bleeding trying to make sure they don't experience. That for me stirs a very sharp resolve in my mind that I have go to go through this process and honestly yield to the demands that will birth the life I want for them.  Yes, Passion is no substitute for experience in business, but you need to start the process and stay the course to get the experience right?!


Remember mommies, to become a butterfly, a caterpillar first digests itself. But certain groups of cells survive, turning the soup into eyes, wings, antennae and other adult structures and eventually the beautiful butterfly that we see and admire! It's a process!


Till next time,


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