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Mommy-ing in The City's 1st Birthday GIVEAWAY!

October 12, 2018


It is October 2018 and Mommy-ing in the city! is turning a year old. I am so excited and happy that a year ago I faced my fears. Fears of being judged, rejected, ridiculed and I dared to let pen meet paper and start this blogging journey. They say a greater YOU awaits you on the other side of fear and I can attest to that. I have grown so much form this experience thus far.


I have learned so much form the mommies that have shared their stories on this platform and those that I discuss with on a regular basis all things motherhood.

This blog has been such a great outlet for me personally. I hope that there are some others that have also been encouraged with me in this past year.


The purpose behind Mommy-ing In The City is to share my journey and experience of motherhood, the good the bad and the ugly, encourage myself and others on all things concerning faith and family. It is also to share the stories of other moms in hopes to encourage and inspire all of us as we soldier on. I always say motherhood is a universal language and though each one of us is walking a unique journey and may be in different parts of the world but our stories tie us together and as such we can always learn from one another and be encouraged by one another’s unique paths.


Now, to celebrate every great thing that has come out of this past year of Mommy-ing in the City! as well as our new Website we will be giving away a Sorbet pamper pack to one lucky Mama 😊


Why Sorbet? And Why a pamper pack. Well firstly, Sorbet has been dubbed South Africa's favorite beauty salon. I know it sure is mine. Their amazing products and friendly staff are sure to give one a “Feel good feeling”. So, when I thought of the perfect giveaway to celebrate Mommy-ing in the City's 1st birthday it was only natural that Sorbet was at the forefront of my mind. I cannot go to Clicks without passing by the isle with Sorbet products in it to get something to make myself feel and smell good. My current favorite is the Sorbet Sensual range, I urge yo to try it out for yourself and you will not regret it mama. I was happy to find  affordable luxurious self-care products that leave me like I have just come from the spa.  





I am a big fan of Moms taking care of and pampering themselves. It is so easy as a mother to be so preoccupied by the needs of others that we neglect ourselves in the process. This is all done because we are naturally caring and loving people, we are at peace when everyone is at peace. But it is important to remember yourself as well in your list of people to take care of, you cannot give from an empty cup. This is something that I have actively pursuing myself. So, I felt a pack of Sorbet goodies to let one lucky mom “Get that feeling” would make for a great gift.


All you need to do stand a chance to win is to like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, it is that simple 😊


Thank you to all who have taken the time to read the blog and I hope we can get an opportunity to interact even more in this new Year and I wish you a year full of Love, motivation and lots and lots of pampering!




Mommy-ing In The City!

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