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#MomCrushMonday - Vee Imivuyo Makisi "Aloe Mom"

October 15, 2018

Our #MomCrush today is Veronica Vee Makisi, a wife and Momprenuer of 1 cute baby girl who just recently turned a whopping 8 years, she also plays a Mom role to her cutie pie of a niece.


I met Vee in high school many years ago. She was 1 year my senior. What I can tell you about her then is that she was the always smiling and laughing beaming goddess that she still is today. I reconnected with this amazing Network Marketing guru mom recently on social media and she has been such a gem to watch and view, always positive and motivational and always in a good mood. I’m telling you this woman is always wearing a big bright smile and going about her business. What attracted me to this Veronica is to see her work so hard and never complain about anything. Just grinding with so much grace and humility, I feel so motivated and inspired watching her go about motherhood and pursuing her dreams relentlessly and for that reason I found myself crushing on this gorgeous mama…


Thank you Vee for allowing us into your personal space to do this #MomCrushMonday interview...I hope everyone will be as inspired as I am by your journey as documented in the following short "get to know" interview we call #MomCrushMonday…


MITC: Vee, you are doing amazing things in the Network Marketing space. You are changing people’s lives and you drastically changed yours through Network Marketing as can be seen by the testimonies you frequently share on your Facebook TL. Where, How and when did you realize you have this much passion for MLM?


VM:  Thank you Ncu for this amazing opportunity , Like most people out there I thought network marketing is not for me , I can't sell I mean if you want me to sell something at least make it fancy , little did I know that there was a great company out there that has been in the industry for long , older than me and had changed people's lives globally , now that's my passion " to give the next person an opportunity to earn an honest living without having to worry about their qualifications"  I started small and did the business part time I had no idea that one day I would deviate from my Maritime Career and put my focus on helping others.



MITC: You went to a Maths and science specializing school and went on to study Maritime Studies  and you left all of that behind for Network Marketing, how easy was this decision and what impact has it had in yours and your family’s life?


VM: This was a huge step for me I mean I enjoyed working for the biggest companies through my career path,being a navigation officer and a tug master but what I had inside of me was bigger than me I discovered my God given potential.  I experienced great things while I was doing it part time until someone mentioned that what I have in my hands is bigger than I thought , it's Willable, it's wealth creation and a legacy for my kids. At this point I had just finished my MDP course in University of Stellenbosch Business School, so venturing into business was just perfect. My family has been very supportive throughout , my husband has been hands on at home too making sure that our baby girl is well taken care off when I'm not there, he works flexible shifts so he's always there to assist.


MITC: You have a gorgeous baby girl that seems to be as full of life as you are, how has motherhood been for you?


VM: Being a mom is a beautiful blessing from God , being a full time mom is cherry on top. I struggled a bit in my early stages of being a mom I had no idea what was expected of me, hubby and I were both clueless (boyfriend at the time). My mom helped us a lot , recently we have found our go to blog to follow and learn amazing things and to appreciate our girl even more , for us MITC is not just any blog it speaks to us in different levels, it's led by a young couple , a career driven young couple that makes motherhood so exciting around their full time commitments. I have learnt a lot from this blog and I would encourage every mom out there to make it a point that they learn more about parenthood


MITC: What’s been the biggest surprise about motherhood and being a working mom?


VM: Not being able to be there for her when she was sick ( I was held up at work and there was no one to relieve me)



MITC: What’s the hardest part about being a mom?


VM: Seeing her cry , sick or upset for some reason. Being able to do it all ,sing dance , being a clown , best friend and and and  Ohhh my word in a terrible singer but I do it anyway just to see that beautiful smile from my baby girl


MITC: What’s the best part?


VM: Seeing her smile , watching her sleep , getting those school reports and seeing her progress Ohhh there's quite a lot but most importantly being able to secure a better future for her.


MITC: What values if any are you borrowing from your own upbringing in raising your own children?


VM: God , Love, Family &  Education


MITC: What values and principles do you consider as most important for your daughter to understand and carry forward in her life?


VM: God , Love , Family & Education


MITC: Running a business can be very challenging and I believe running a business as a mother is an indescribable stretch, what motivates you to keep going?


VM: My WHY is very personal , so the storms and challenges that I have faced in my network marketing journey have been a stepping stone , and a learning curve to a better ME , some days are tough some days are just dark but my WHY keeps me going, I have made it a point that my small family why I'm doing it , to gain time freedom to spend quality time with them to travel the world with them to improve our lifestyle and afford the best education for our daughter so I have full support from them.




MITC: Motherhood can be very demanding and stretching such that one can lose themselves in the process of perfecting their role as a mother and even as a wife, how do you stay connected to your own dreams and motivated to pursue them and not settle?


VM: I am imperfect in both of those roles , I sometimes let my child sleep late , eat ice cream late or sometimes get takeaways for them to eat,  I have stolen family time from them while building my business but all of that has paid off now that I'm doing my business full time around those commitments I get to see them , play , go out on a date with the Hubstar. I refuse to settle for less because I am fully aware of what could be ours and what my family deserves.


MITC: You are a working mom, a wife, a businesswoman, how do you balance all of it and keep yourself happy?


VM: I have set my priorities , the network marketing company that I operate under has made it easy for us to mix business with pleasure , the events , trainings, traveling locally and globally our partners are allowed to come along. I am available to attend my child's school meetings , functions and spending time with her without worrying about being in the office , I get to choose where I want to work.



MITC: What words of motivation would you give to a mother that is feeling tired right now, unmotivated and is tempted to give in on what they once wished and dreamed for themselves?


VM: Giving up is not an option WINNING FOR YOUR FAMILY IS EVERYTHING , to lead someone's life is a blessing on its own the journey will get tough at times not to break you but to give you wisdom and prepare you for what you ve asked for from God. Turn to God for solutions and surround yourself with winners and positive people that resembles your dreams, have a mentor to guide you through.


MITC: Have you missed moments in your daughter’s life that you regret?


VM: Ohhh yes I have and I'm not proud of that , but I can't cry over spilt milk I have been given a chance to make up for those days now and I'll always be grateful to God for opening my mind to greater opportunities.



MITC: Being the ambitious and committed woman that you are, how do you deal with the working mom guilt?


VM: Ohhhh my word that's probably one of the reasons why Im the biggest fan of MITC, the guilt will always be there when you have to choose between mom duties and having to work I sacrifice if I know it will benefit her more in the future and go work for her.



MITC: Is there anything you feel is slipping through the cracks in terms of your role as a mother?


VM: closing the gap between my first born and my next child due to past pregnancy experiences we have both decided to give ourselves some time to heal and try again when we are ready


MITC: What does the ideal future for your daughter look like?


VM: Having a good start from us as her parents , an apartment and a car when we decide it's time for her to move out and be independent so that she does not have to start off on debts like we did.


MITC: What is the one thing you can say to fathers about motherhood?


VM: Your support means a lot to us (moms and children)




MITC: Any advice for future and new Moms?


VM: Always strive to be the mom that your kids would be proud of and run to for advices.




Vee Makisi x Mommy-ing In The City! 


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