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The Power of....I AM!

October 2, 2018




 Isn't it great that we have complete freedom  to CHOOSE what follows the words "I AM"... I am Powerful. I am beautiful.   I am creative! I am living in abundance! I am beautiful! I am grateful for a lot of things! I am a GREAT MOTHER!


Before we decide what we will allow to follow these two words, we need to know that throughout the day the power of I AM is at work. It is shaping our identity and what we believe we are and are capable of. I AM has formed many of the things we believe about our selves today. It takes 21 days to form a belief  and our beliefs become our reality. They create the culture that we submit ourselves to. What ever we consciously and intently push into our conscious mind and into our hearts long enough is what  becomes our reality eventually because our subconscious minds read our conscious mind and stores whatever frequents there and eventually serves us those thoughts even when we did not ask for them. So if I form a habit of saying or thinking that I AM a good mother then that and the confidence to operate in  it becomes my reality. The good thing is that when I come across situations that would suggest that I am not a good mother, my belief system rejects them so they do not define me. 


Proverbs 4:23 says "Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life." (New living translation)


Thing is, at a time there is a narrative, a story that is busy playing it's self out in our lives. It is our reality. This story we are first born into but later on in our lives we drive the story, we perpetrate the narrative with our thoughts, our I am's. We become the primary story tellers of our own stories by what we believe ,everything that plays out in the story that we tell about ourselves to ourselves and those around us starts in our minds, in our thoughts of ourselves. How we perceive our environments, our victories, failure and the circumstances we find ourselves in is directed by the narrative that is at play in us, Our I AM's.


I personally have struggled a lot in the department of forming good I am's about myself, ones that will give me the result I am looking for and even praying for. But I have learned that Faith comes by hearing and I am one of the people that are listening to my I am's so important to say and think what I want to be believe I am, and what I want to believe I can do and can conquer. It is all embedded in the I am's or image I hold of myself. So I did a deep cleaning and I am still cleaning and I get so excited when I think about how much freedom has met me since I started my I am's clean up process.  


I have recently done a recording on  my phone of the I am's that I want to start my day with and I listen to it every morning and it does wonders in setting me up for success in the day! Some of my I am's at the moment are:


 -I am blessed 

-I am living in abundance

-I am swimming in opportunities

 I am beautiful 

-I am successful

-I am compassionate

-I am a good mother

-I am a good wife

-I am good at my job

-I am able to rise above challenges

-I am emotionally intelligent 

-I am level headed

-I am creative


My hope is that as you read this you will also be encouraged to take a deep look at the I am's you hold about yourself and begin to remove those that do not serve you and your purpose and begin to create those that will be catalysts in your progress, success and happiness.



Mommy-ing The City! 




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