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When life gives you lemons....

August 2, 2018


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"


I am pretty sure we have all heard this saying at least once in our life time. Truth is we all experience times in life when we are down and out in some way or the other…


Most of us at some point in life have had our dreams butchered and dished to us in a plate. It can be a collapsed relationship or marriage, friendship, church-ship, situation-ship, a promotion we did not get, a business deal that didn't materialize as expected, you couldn’t afford varsity after you passed so well, you couldn't get a job in that field after you graduated the list goes on…. Life is not always in favour of our plans.


In my nearly 30 years of existence I have had my fair share of disappointments, some I handled very badly, even if I have to say so myself, some I handled better than others.


But what I have come to learn and appreciate through it all is that there is a SPECIAL PURPOSE for which I and only I am in this world for. And that purpose is the reason I am still around in this good old round earth. What I also know and appreciate is that I have inside of me everything it will take to realize that purpose first, and Live it! Fully so.


So, when life gives me lemons, when I get knocked it does not mean it is the end. But the question to ask is “What do you have in your hand?” When we look at what we still do have in situations when we have just lost something special, then we are able to realize that we still have other gifts and talents, and the same Will power that brought us to where we are, and even our very breath of life that we can use to get to the next point.


Looking back at my own life sometimes I cringe because there were times when things were very hard. Growing up for instance, my mother did not work, my father was not interested and this meant poverty firstly, 2ndly going through life feeling rejected and unworthy because the first man that was supposed to love me couldn’t even be paid to do so and many other things that I wished could have been different. But, what I knew for sure was that I have something in my hand that can change things around and that for me was my brain and drive, people around me that loved me and made sacrifices for me to be happy and fulfilled! Yes, there were kids that were way smarter than me in school but I was still capable, very much so. Yes, other kids knew a father’s love and didn’t have to be responsible for so much at a young age to close the gap of a parent that was not stepping up. But, I knew that if I take the little that God had placed in my hand I will get to the other side. He gave me a strong single mother that would do anything to keep me in school and upskill me in every way she could so that I wouldn’t be stranded in life, and I took that and ran with it. Today through that very same upbringing, I can unlock many other opportunities and make life easier for my children than what it was for me because of what was put in my hand.


My thing is, I didn’t go through the wilderness for me to die just before the Big moment, so when I do get the Lemons, I will choose to see the lemon juice! Our purpose and potential does not suddenly vanish because we have gone through rough times.  


After we have gone through the wilderness and the promise land is before us, we will still face giants that we need to defeat in order to possess the land of milk and honey, the questions is which report will we believe, the minority report that says even though there may be giants, we can still possess the promise land? or the majority report that says, all the hard work and endurance was for nothing, we are doomed?


All I’m saying is, if there is still a breath of life in you, something great can still happen, your life can still be changed for the better but you need to have been looking for the better. You may be down and out today but the same will power that got you here can get you to the finish line.


When life gives you lemons what will you see in your hands? The lemons or the juice?!


Till next Time.




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