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My Son's First Birthday | Happy Birthday Lethabo



 Birthday Boy!


My Boy! Wow! Where has the time gone?! Just yesterday I was heavily pregnant and tired and could not wait to meet you and feel your movements in my arms instead of inside of me. Now you are turning 1! Wow! I feel like this year went by too quickly. Maybe that’s because I want to freeze every moment with you and relive it over and over again. There is not a word in the world that can describe how much joy you have brought to my life. I still cannot believe you are mine! What made me so worthy of such a precious gift?!


Let me start by saying…


I am sorry…


I am sorry that the moments we share in the mornings when you wake up and give me that precious look with those dark wet eyes coupled with and a half-smile is often short lived because I have to go work. I am sorry that I miss some of your mile stones, like when you first stood up holding on to the couch, in my soul and spirit I am there with you, I am always there with you rooting for you even from behind the office desk.  I am sorry that sometimes when you are not feeling well I am not the first person to be there and give you a big warm hug because I am at work. I’m sorry that you will grow up to realize what a cruel and unfair place this world can be sometimes but I promise to always be there through it all. You are blood of my blood and flesh of my flesh and you will always be one with me and my spirit will always keep you warm.


My prayer is that God keeps your innocent soul untainted, untroubled and unchanged from its innocence and peacefulness.  I pray that you and your sisters grow up to be strong and united and most of all love one another as we have loved you. You are my song of peace and joy, you bring a unique definition of love into my journey as woman, as a mother and as a human. Being your mom in the past year and the 9 months I carried you has taken me to wonderful places that I didn’t even know existed. Now that I am a mother to you precious ones I am more convinced of how amazing life can be. I am eternally grateful for you. To me you are a light on a hill illuminating my life and bringing a beautiful ambiance.


Happy birthday son, I love you!






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