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Happy New Year - 2018

December 27, 2017

Last thoughts of the year…


In 2017 I am grateful for:


My Marriage…


This year my husband and I celebrated a year in marriage. I am grateful for this year, for his companionship, partnership and parenting our kids together. I am grateful for both of our lives.


My children!


What a gift. Truly I have no words to describe the happiness and joyful atmosphere in my house since our family grew by these two little members. They changed our lives forever. My daughter is happier since she got a brother earlier this year, she has found a friend. Seeing them play together and seeing her comfort him and being so protective of him is mind blustering joy. I am blessed and honoured to have been entrusted with these little souls.


My career…


My career is something that I worked very hard to establish and grow. I am grateful that I still get the opportunity to do what I love. In 2010 I got introduced to Business Intelligence and I have never looked back since, I am becoming more and more passionate about it as the years come and go. Our economy is very volatile right now and that makes me very aware that having a job that I can still go to and one that speaks to my heart is a privilege and an honour. I am grateful that I can be a woman in IT today J




This year has been full of roses but all roses have thorns. I am grateful for all the thorns because I got to grow from them. I have learnt from the challenges, closed and open doors. With each year comes a load of wisdom and I am happy to bank 2017’s bundle.


2018 is my year to:


Work even harder and start playing again...


As usual I have a long list of to dos’ for the upcoming year. The great difference though is that I am more determined to go and fight for my dreams now that I am a mother than I have ever been before. I am now more aggressive and unapologetic about my dreams, all of them, big and small, career and personal, I just have a new awakening and fire about my life’s pursuits. There is just something that is purpose awakening about raising children.  I think this is mainly because I now have people that are learning from my moves whether I like it or not. Kids learn more by observation than hearing. So it is very important the kind of life we lead and demonstrate to them. I want them to learn about hard work and love for whatever their hands find to do.


On playing….since the kids’ arrival, play has kind of taken a back seat, it’s there but not as much. Apart from being everything else, moms are social beings. This means we also need to DEDICATE time to kick back & relax and socialize. Dress up and paint the town red with the girls or Hubby. Mom is the heart and soul of the home so she needs to be taken care of and pampered. So I am definitely taking more breaks in 2018. Like I always say when mom is happy the whole family is happy.


So…Let this be the year that the inner kid starts coming out again. Hello regular date nights!!


On that note, I wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year. I hope 2017 can be a year that you look back on and rejoice on your achievements and lessons.


Till next time…




Mommying in the city!


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