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The Gift Of Motherhood

October 28, 2017

My journey of motherhood has been a life changing one no doubt about that. I am now 2 kids in and yet I am still transitioning, learning, adjusting and juggling. I still do not have a firm grip or a clear strategy.  The conflict between holding on to me as I know me and jumping all in into this wave of physical, emotional and psychological changes is still very much alive.


My priorities have changed enormously. For instance, instead of observing which shade of orange (or the fact that it’s not actually orange but Coral) is in this season has been replaced by whether to swaddle baby or not, the rising cost of education, the Private and Homeschooling trend that seems to be more preferred than public education e.t.c. If someone had come to me somewhere in the early 2014 and told me that my life would be where it is now I would have never believed them. I would have laughed out loud, really. With that said I do believe that motherhood should not be a reason for a woman to let go of herself, her interests, her hopes and dreams, her goals, with good time management I do believe all of this can be achieved even with the new priorities in her life. You see, it has been said that you should still take care of yourself when you become a mother because a happy you raises happy children and keeps a happy home.


Motherhood has stretched me so much and in that process has revealed so much of me that I had not yet discovered. I am obsessed with PLANNING and execution, I apply project management principles to literally everything, I respect my time, I believe time is thee most valuable currency, I am a very passionate and emotional person and yet very resilient. I tend to shy away from confrontational situations although this is not always good.


I have always been a compassionate person but I must say that motherhood pushed that to a higher level. I believe that we all need a helping hand sometimes and mothers need this a lot. It could be a few words of kindness and information about where to get the best of something or even babysitting to give you some time to rest, no matter how big or small some kindness goes a long way. For me personally, the support of my friends and family during this journey has made all the difference.


Motherhood has awakened a greater sense of purpose and drive in me. I feel like I owe it to my kids to be the best that I can ever be because I believe the best version of me is the best version of Mom for them. I am more respectful and protective of my space now because what affects me affects them so I am not as prone to situations that can hurt me or set me back somehow as I was before.


It’s true that nothing can ever prepare one for this journey. I have learnt that it’s a personal walk for each and every mom. The highs and lows differ and so does everything else, I mean the same mom can experience her pregnancies differently and her kids as well.  This gift is to be embraced, celebrated, NOT compared and most importantly, appreciated because it is truly a gift from God.


Till next time…


Mommying in the city!


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