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“Dear past, thank you for the lessons. Dear future, I am ready.”

New beginnings always await all those who are brave enough to step out in faith and try again.

One of my goals this year, and I think the most important one too, was to align myself spiritually. To be deliberate and relentless in my pursuit of God's will for my life. 

To live your purpose requires one to be brave enough to dig deep within and address even...

Mornings must be hardest time of the day in the life of a mom! I am recalling what my mornings look like even as I am writing this.

"Babe have you seen my car keys" - Hubby

"Where's the key to the front door?" - Hubby

"Remind me to call that person and that person today" - Hubby

"Mama Lethabo's biting me" - Rethabile

"No, no, no, nooooo" - Lethabo

"I want spiderman" - Lethabo

"Mama Kati's making me sad" - Rethabile 

"Mama we are out o...

Happy Mother's day to all of you lovely mommies!!! Most of us have very fond stories of how our mothers have been strong pillars for us. And we celebrate our heroins with  the strongest praise we can give. I myself am a mother, but am still a baby to my mom, fragile and always in need of her love. Oprah once said, "I believe the choice to become a mother, is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is"...

December 18, 2018


Repost from early this year:

I read somewhere that successful people are decisive people! After much thought about this statement I started thinking honestly about where I stand in all of this. Truth is, I am a very anxious person. I tend to over analyse and over think things. Before I embark on any venture I try and ensure that nothing will go wrong. I go back and forth trying to make the stars align.

This is not necessarily a...

November 7, 2018

  • Forgiveness will help you move on – The incident or the person no longer has a hold on you. You take your power back, you’re no longer the victim of their action. When we refuse to forgive we remain paralyzed by the people and the actions that hurt us. There is nothing that keeps a person in one place like a grudge.

  • For your health’s sake – Your mental state is more important than holding that person’s actions agains...

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